Monday, March 15, 2010

"SPRING" it on.....

The BIRD is the word for spring and summer:
Welcome spring with one of Blondie's latest designs. I will be adding more soon :)

hand wrapped "nest" perfect for Mother's Day!
On a 18" sterling silver chain with 2" extender for $20.00

"Pretty Bird" a 16" sterling silver necklace with hand wrapped beads
in blue sky jasper, white, tangerine, and yellow for $20.00

"Pretty Bird" in blue sky jasper. $20.00

"Think Pink" Breat cancer awareness charms.
$10.00 for the charm, or $20.00 with 18" sterling silver chain.
Where them on a chain, keychain, or hook on a purse.

"vintage leaf" a antique brushed silver 24" necklace with toggle side clip.
$ 25.00

"Starfish" 18" sterling silver chain with 2" extender. $20.00

"Tropical" 18" sterling silver chain with 2" extender.
with a blue and orange porcelin shell pendant for $20.00

"Meadow" A 20" antique brown chain necklace,
toggle closing with jade pendant for $30.00

"Fancy Lady" An over the head sterling silver,
and black bead combo with fancy black flower for $25.00
"Pebble's" A brushed silver 20" toggle necklace for $20.00

"Diva" A sterling silver 30" toggle necklace
with sterling silver flower pendant for $30.00

"silver petal" sterling silver lever back earrings
$10.00 or $5.00 with a necklace.

"Tinker-Bell charm" A sterling silver drop toggle necklace for $25.00
"Tinker-Bell" A delicate flower pendant on a 18"
sterling silver chain with 2" extender for $20.00.

"ocean" A long sterling silver toggle necklace
perfect for spring and summer $25.00

"Flower Child" Silver long toggle necklace
with hand wrapped geen beads for $25.00

Some other unique Designs from Blondie:
"Red hat lady" Change it up...
Can be worn tied in a knot, or

As a lariet for $25.00

"petal" A long sterling silver toggle necklace
with black, cream, and pearl wrapped beads. $30.00
"Ball and Chain" A sterling silver over the head necklace
with wrapped beads in crystal, black, grey, and peral. $30.00

"moss" An antique brown chain necklace
that goes from light green to dark emerald green. $30.00

"Plum" An antigue brown long necklace for $30.00

"Everything Changes, Cocoa" An antique brown chain
with wrapped beads in cream, and brown shades. $25.00

"Domino" Long sterling silver necklace
with handwrapped beads for $30.00

"Elegance" A long sterling silver necklace
in crystal, silver, and white shell for $30.00.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dress up your Holiday's!!! with the NEW That's a "Wrap" Collection!

Each pendant is original and uniquely wrapped. A jump ring is attached so that it can be worn on a silver chain or cord! Each design coordinates with the "Bubble Rings"!!!

*The Antique pendants come with a 2o inch' chain and costs a little more to make.

*Brushed Silver pendants are $20.00ea. and $30.00 for a set which includes either matching earring's or a "Bubble ring"! Get ALL "3" for $ 40.00!!!

" Domino" tear drop pendant
"Antique sparrow" oval earring's $18.00

"Antique sparrow" oval pendant with 20 inch' chain for $30.00
Set with matching earring's $40.00

"Sugar and Spice" Antique brown oval earring's $18.00

"Sugar and Spice" Antique brown oval pendant with 20 inch' chain $30.00
Set with matching earring's $40.00
"Hot Chocolate" tear drop pendant

"Free Spirit" circle pendant

"Modern Bride/ princess" square pendant

"Steel Button" oval pendant and earring set $25.00

"Domino" circle earring's

"Domino" square pendant

"Peacock" square pendant

"Pur-Pink" rectangle pendant

"Bubble's" rectangle pendant

"Bubble Ring's" $15.00ea. or 2 for $25.00

* Get all "3" ( silver wrapped pendant, earring's, and a Bubble Ring) for $40.00!!!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

"One" of a kind hand crafted and designed by Rochelle

"Blondie's" NEW original Designs!!!

"Steel button" $30.00
"Heavy Metal" $30.00
"Bamboo" $30.00

"My Fair Lady" $25.00

"Sugar and Spice" toggle front clasp $30.00

"The feather" wire wrapped $30.00

"Little wish" $30.00

"Steel picasso" $30.00

"pebble" $30.00

"Steel Drop" with side toggle clasp $ 30.00